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Get Married at St John's Toorak

Marriages at St. John’s are celebrated in the beauty of one of Melbourne’s most prestigious and historic churches.

Get Married at St. John's, Toorak

Marriages at St. John's are celebrated in the beauty of one of Melbourne's most prestigious and historic churches.

A Historic Moment

St. John’s Toorak has been a popular and desirable church for couples planning to be married since the very first bride, Mary Steavenson (after whom the Victorian town of Marysville was named) was married at St. John’s in September, 1862.

In addition to the outstanding beauty of the church, the 23 metre central aisle has provided a memorable walk to the altar for countless brides over the passage of years. St. John’s has developed a comprehensive wedding package that arises out of long experience of hosting marriages of all manner of people, among them many celebrities and prominent Melbournians.

Marriages at St. John’s are celebrated in the beauty of one of Melbourne’s most prestigious and historic churches. Guests are surrounded by a sense of beauty, awe, tradition, and history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re planning to be married at St. John’s church then visit our FAQ page.

The Ceremony Step by Step

Read the comprehensive guide for couples planning to be married at St. John’s.


Marriage ceremonies at St. John’s will always include one or more readings from the Bible.

Marriage Blessings

We warmly welcome couples seeking a blessing on their already existing marriage. Such blessings are conducted by our experienced and caring clergy and can be intimate or grand occasions. Please contact enquiries@saintjohnstoorak.org to make arrangements for such a wedding blessing.

Order of Service

Those being married at St. John’s are provided with all materials required to put together a personalised order of service for their wedding. As a first point of call, see The Ceremony: Step by Step for a comprehensive guide to the ceremony and order of service. St. John’s staff are available to assist with planning a wedding ceremony in our church.

Download a template of order of service from A Prayer Book for Australia 1995, the Order of Service normally used at St. John’s. The text is provided here to show the structure of the Anglican wedding service, where the hymns and other music and the readings fit in, as well as the full text of vows and other words said on the day.

As it is not necessary to include all of the words used in the printed Order of Service, St John’s recommends the Order of Service template as a starting point for those putting together a printed Order of Service provided to guests on the day.


Music plays an important part in all services in the Anglican Church, and this is particularly so in ceremonial services such as weddings. The music marks important parts of the marriage service, such as the bridal procession. It can create the appropriate atmosphere, and allow the congregation to participate.

Director of Music & Organist

St. John’s church employs a professional musician, Mr. Christopher Cook, as Director of Music and parish organist.

Christopher (or if unavailable another qualified organist)  plays for each wedding at St. John’s. In some cases a couple may wish to bring their own organist – possibly a relative or friend. In such circumstances permission must first be sought from St. John’s Director of Music.

Any such arrangement should be made well before the date of the service.

St John’s Choir

St. John’s has an excellent choir who are used to leading services in the church. The choir can normally be engaged upon request, and subject to availability, to lead the singing at weddings, especially the singing of hymns, and also to perform solo, duet, or choral items, during the ceremony. However, due to ongoing restrictions any choir is likely to be small in number.

An additional fee will apply. For more details contact the Director of Music.

Additional Musicians

Some couples wish to invite other musicians or singers to provide music in place of the organist, or in conjunction with the organist. Under normal circumstances, we have no objection to such arrangements. Please note that, in most cases, the musicians and singers so invited will be entitled to charge their own fees, which are additional to the St. John’s wedding fee payable by all couples.

St. John’s Church is not involved in negotiating the fee. Where the parish-provided organist is required to work with other singers and/or musicians and a rehearsal is advisable, the organist is entitled to rehearsal and administration fees.

Recorded Music

Couples are welcome to request recorded music (on compact disc, phones or media players) be included in the wedding service. All such music must be appropriate for a wedding in the church, be approved by the clergy, and be provided by the couple. St. John’s has the capability to play music from iPhones and compact discs, through the church sound system. Clergy cannot take responsibility for playing music; therefore, it is advisable that couples appoint a person to be responsible for this.


Marriage services at St. John’s may include one, or more hymns. See a list of suggestions under 4. Hymns in the “Ceremony Step by Step” section here.


Notice of Intention to Marry

The Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM) form must be lodged at least 30 days prior to the date of the wedding.

It must be signed and witnessed by the intended Celebrant before that date.

This is normally done at the first meeting.

Wedding Information form

Couples being married at St John’s are required to complete and submit to St John’s the Wedding Information Form  at least one month before the date of the marriage. This form gives us the information we need to produce the necessary documents and advises the parish staff of the music and readings, together with any special requests or requirements.

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