St. John’s has a strong commitment to preaching. Below are sound recordings of sermons delivered during our worship.

Recent Sermons 

Looking beneath the surface of things Sermon 24 May 2020 Peter French

In times of crisis, where is our comfort? Sermon 17 May 2020 Keiron Jones

Where are you heading and what’s your roadmap?  Sermon 10 May 2020 Peter French

A shepherd worth following Sermon 3 May 2020 Keiron Jones

The Road to Emmaus Sermon 26 April 2020 Peter French

Peace be with you Sermon 19 April 2020 Keiron Jones

Easter Sunday Sermon 12 April 2020 Peter French

Good Friday Sermon 10 April 2020 Peter French

Maundy Thursday Sermon 9 April 2020 Keiron Jones

Bach 627 vs 3 forte Music for Easter Sunday

Bach Erstanden ist 628 Forte Music for Easter Vigil
Bach O mensch Good Friday Music for Good Friday

Palm Sunday Sermon 5 April 2020 Keiron Jones

Raised to new life Sermon 29 March 2020 Keiron Jones

Light and Sight Sermon 22 March 2020 Peter French

Water for life Sermon 15 March 2020 Keiron Jones

God’s forgiveness is always available Sermon 8 March 2020 Peter French

Life in the wilderness Sermon Sunday 1 March 2020 Keiron Jones

Ash Wednesday Reflection Sermon Wednesday 26 February 2020 Peter French

Transfiguration Sermon Sunday 23 February 2020 Peter French

Loving others Sermon Sunday 16 February 2020 Keiron Jones

Salt and Light Sermon Sunday 9 February 2020 Peter French

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Guest Preachers for 2019

Sunday 17 March, 8am & 10am, Debra Saffrey-Collins, General Manager, Chaplaincy and Diocesan Partnerships for The Brotherhood of St. Laurence [Click Here]

Sunday 26 May, 8am & 10am, The Revd Dr Robert (Bob) Derrenbacker, Dean of Trinity College Theological School

Sunday 21 July, 8am & 10am, The Revd Dr J.T. Hollis (Fr Turi), Vicar of Christ Church St. Kilda, representing “The Little St. Kilda Mission” & Community Centre [Click Here to Listen]

Sunday 8 September, 8am & 10am, The Revd Rob Ferguson, Senior Chaplain Anglicare Criminal Justice Ministry

Sunday 20 October, 8am & 10am, Bron Davis-Jones, Volunteer Manager for The Richmond Churches Food Centre [to listen, click -> Feeding people]