This page has links to information about the Policies & Procedures that St. John’s follows.
If you have any questions that are not covered by these documents or websites, please contact the Parish Office:
Parish Child Safe Officers: Hamish McDonald Nye
and Michaela Mee
Child Safe Compliance Officer: Sally Robertson

Child Safety:

St. John’s Commitment to Our Children: The Anglican Parish of St. John’s Toorak understands that we are all children of God. We are committed to loving and serving everyone, not just those that are active in our parish. That love and service is unconditional. To support this love, St. John’s is committed to ensuring a safe environment for every child.
The following documents describe the policies of St. John’s and the Angilcan Diocese of Melbourne.

St John’s Commitment to Our Children – Full Statement
Code of Conduct (St. John’s)
Child Safety Policy (Diocese)
Child Safe Code of Conduct
Summary Church’s Responses to the Child Safe Standards
Commission for Children and Young People

Professional Standards – Anglican Diocese of Melbourne:
Melbourne Faithfulness in Service
Professional Standards Regulations 2017
Complaints Protocol Kooyoora
Ministry Clearance Protocol Kooyoora
Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Professional Standards Page

Parish Governance:
Parish Council Handbook (2017 edition)