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Fifth Sunday after Pentecost: Touch and healing Sermon 27 June 2021 Peter French

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost: Jesus, Jonah, and God’s grace Sermon 20 June 2021 Scott Kirkland

Third Sunday after Pentecost: The kingdom of God for good Sermon 13 June 2021 Keiron Jones

Second Sunday after Pentecost: Doing the will of God Sermon 6 June 2021 Peter French

Trinity Sunday: All are invited to the table Sermon 30 May 2021 Keiron Jones

Pentecost: People of Peace Sermon 23 May 2021 Peter French

Seventh Sunday of Easter: Christ’s Ascension and passing the baton Sermon 16 May 2021 Keiron Jones

Sixth Sunday of Easter: Chosen, Loved, Loving Sermon 9 May 2021 Peter French

Fifth Sunday of Easter: Vines and branches Sermon 2 May 2021 Keiron Jones

Fourth Sunday of Easter: Anzac Day Sermon 25 April 2021 Peter French

Third Sunday of Easter: a reflection on the Psalms Sermon 18 April 2021 Keiron Jones

Second Sunday of Easter: Faithful, Insightful Thomas Sermon 11 April 2021 Peter French

Easter Sunday: All our lives rest in the hands of God Sermon 4 April 2021 Peter French

Good Friday: Hands that comforted are hands that are nailed Sermon 2 April 2021 Peter French

Maundy Thursday: God washes feet Sermon 1 April 2021 Keiron Jones

Palm Sunday: Parades and choices Sermon 28 March 2021 Keiron Jones

Fifth Sunday in Lent: The hour has come Sermon 21 March 2021 Keiron Jones

Fourth Sunday in Lent: Snakes and crosses Sermon 14 March 2021 The Revd Dr. Robyn Whitaker

Third Sunday in Lent: Disrupting the flow of business Sermon 7 March 2021 Keiron Jones

Second Sunday in Lent: The call of God in our lives Sermon 28 February 2021 Peter French

First Sunday in Lent: Pray, Fast, Give Sermon 21 February 2021 Keiron Jones

Last Sunday of Epiphany – Transfiguration: The Whole of Christ Sermon 14 February 2021 Peter French

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany: Subversive healing Sermon 7 February 2021 Keiron Jones

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany: Confronting evil Sermon 31 January 2021 Peter French

Third Sunday after Epiphany: Being held Sermon 24 January 2021 Keiron Jones

Second Sunday after Epiphany: ‘Come and see!’ Sermon 17 January 2021 Keiron Jones

Baptism of our Lord: Good and Beloved Sermon 10 January 2021 Peter French

Feast of the Epiphany: Magi, Christ child, gifts Sermon 3 January 2021 Keiron Jones


Guest Preachers for 2019

Sunday 17 March, 8am & 10am, Debra Saffrey-Collins, General Manager, Chaplaincy and Diocesan Partnerships for The Brotherhood of St. Laurence [Click Here]

Sunday 26 May, 8am & 10am, The Revd Dr Robert (Bob) Derrenbacker, Dean of Trinity College Theological School

Sunday 21 July, 8am & 10am, The Revd Dr J.T. Hollis (Fr Turi), Vicar of Christ Church St. Kilda, representing “The Little St. Kilda Mission” & Community Centre [Click Here to Listen]

Sunday 8 September, 8am & 10am, The Revd Rob Ferguson, Senior Chaplain Anglicare Criminal Justice Ministry

Sunday 20 October, 8am & 10am, Bron Davis-Jones, Volunteer Manager for The Richmond Churches Food Centre [to listen, click -> Feeding people]