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Hill & Son pipe organ


2016 marks the 21st Anniversary of the brilliant project of restoration undertaken on the organ at St John’s.

The Hill Organ is the fourth organ to be used in worship at St John’s. Following the original position of the first organ [anonymous] and second [Fincham] in a now removed rear gallery, the third organ [1870 Merklin-Schutze] was located in the space now occupied by the Chapel of St Michael and All Angels [Sth Chapel] The 1913 Hill & Son Organ occupies the position opposite the location of the third organ, originally the location of the Lady Chapel. It is believed that for a period of time the two [third and fourth] organs co-existed, across the Chancel, though photographic or other clear evidence of this is yet to come to hand.

More excellent information is available on the organ at this link.